What Is Sophianic Healing?


Sophianic Healing is a deeply transformative process for healing, personal growth and enlightenment. Developed by J. Jorge Barrieu, Sophianic Healing brings together Jorge's understanding of human nature with knowledge gained from his years of study and practice in a wide variety of disciplines including the life sciences, quantum physics, transcendental psychology, energy anatomy and metaphysics.

The name "Sophianic" is derived from the Greek word σοφια (i.e. sophia) meaning wisdom. It refers to Sophia - the Divine Wisdom that underlies all true spiritual knowledge and understanding. All human beings carry within them the light of this Sophianic wisdom.

Sophianic Healing is based on the fundamental understanding that our inner wisdom reveals to us the knowledge we need to heal and to make more meaningful life choices. The more conscious we are, the greater the knowledge this inner wisdom reveals to us.

But this inner wisdom does not act alone. It is only through the choices we make both consciously and unconsciously in our day to day life that the creative force of this inner wisdom is awakened. The more our life choices are aligned with this inner wisdom, the more healing is created and the more health we express.

This is the path of wisdom and this is the heart of Sophianic Healing.