How Does Sophianic Healing Work?


Jorge’s work with Sophianic Healing has revealed to him that all of our life experiences are a potential source of wisdom and self-discovery. He has also learned it is human nature that we try to avoid the pain and discomfort of life’s challenges by creating an endless succession of distracting thoughts and constant mental dialogues. Then, as a result, we “live in our heads” and close off to inner wisdom. Becoming identified with our thoughts and our ego, we lose our connection to our true self. Over time, this attempt to escape the truth of one’s life experiences can lead to feelings of alienation, frustration and anxiety and eventually results in disease and illness.

The power of Sophianic Healing lies in Jorge's ability to evoke states of presence and non-ordinary consciousness. By guiding you into these realms of enlightened experience through the Sophianic Healing process, Jorge leads you through your resistance and helps you let go of your identification with thoughts. Instead of avoiding the pain and discomfort of your life, Sophianic Healing shows you how to transcend these experiences.

Jorge manifests these states of presence and non-ordinary consciousness that are characteristic of Sophianic Healing through a combination of his skills as an intuitive and empathic healer together with hands-on energy healing techniques, psychological knowledge and spiritual practices.

In addition, through Jorge’s elaboration of Sophianic Healing, you are also drawn into a deeper embodiment of presence through nonlinear modes of communication. These include meaningful dialogue (a form of dialogue in which the questions asked arise from a transcendent state of consciousness rather than a mental “problem-solving” approach) and direct transmission (the transfer of information by way of non-verbal, unitive states of consciousness).

Sophianic Healing shifts your consciousness from “living in your head” into heart-centered awareness. From this heart-centered perspective, you become more aware of the whole of your conscious and unconscious experience. You gain an experiential understanding of how your thoughts, beliefs, actions and emotions directly affect your health and well-being. By connecting you to the heart of your being, Sophianic Healing allows you to see the interrelatedness of all the different aspects of your life and how they are meaningfully connected to each other through the choices you make.

For more information about meaningful dialogue and direct transmission, please see the FAQ page.