Jorge’s healing work has helped to unlock many important discoveries about myself that I really wasn’t aware of. I find that I am much quicker to notice when I’m getting stuck in old habits and patterns since working with Jorge. There has been a tremendous amount of change in my life during the years I’ve worked with Jorge, and his guidance and presence has helped me to figure out how all of it fits in to my larger purpose in life.
— B.C., Musician
Jorge is a fantastic teacher who is able to mold himself to you so he can be effective. This approach has helped me to open up to learning and exploring in ways I didn’t know existed. Jorge has taught me the importance of being and living in the present, something I didn’t quite understand before.
— J. G., Graphic Designer
I came to know Jorge through a doctor who was treating me for pain associated with a herniated disk in my neck. This doctor said, “go talk with this guy, he’ll change your life.” I really thought I was going to be incapacitated this time around. Doctors, medications and physical therapists helped to some degree but it was Jorge who really made me understand what was causing the stress on my lower back and how to address it. Through reposturing, exercise and his abilities as a healer, he has helped me become more conscious of how I move through the world both physically and emotionally. As a result, the pain has been nearly alleviated. I can really say that that doctor was right, this guy has changed my life.
— J. W., Graphic Designer
Jorge’s healing work has both benefited and changed me. His work has given me an inner peace that has allowed me to live in a more focused and anxiety free world. That peace is felt by the people I come in contact with and has benefited our relationships.
— D. G., Brooklyn, NY
My experience with Jorge has been life changing. The path of healing is a challenging one and I’m very grateful to Jorge for his insight, knowledge and power in helping me through the darkness and into my truth. Through our work, I’ve addressed deep-seated issues which have troubled me for years, learned to connect with myself in a healthier way, and found a greater sense of peace in my life.
— G.B., TV Promo Writer/Producer
Overall, my experience of doing healing work with Jorge has been personally transformative. I have become more of who I am meant to be, and as a result, I have found a greater path to inner peace and have acquired a better toolset for dealing with the challenges and joys of simply being alive.
— K. K., Information Architect
Jorge is compassionate, sensitive, empathetic, attentive, open-hearted and non-judgmental - qualities that are invaluable in healing. I would highly recommend Jorge to anyone who is seeking to heal him/herself no matter how frustrated that person may feel.
— R. H., Professional Photographer
I feel that I have changed profoundly. The longer I have worked with Jorge, I find that life seems richer and more interesting. He is an incredible source of comfort, inspiration and understanding. I always enjoy my sessions even when there are tears involved. I couldn’t recommend Jorge more highly.
— J. B., New York, New York
I recommend Jorge to anyone, enthusiastically. He has changed my life in so many positive ways. I’ve often commented that I’m grateful for my low point that led me to Jorge.
— Y. W., (Stay-At-Home) Mom
Jorge creates a safe and loving space where issues can be dealt with honestly. Our work deals with the meat and potatoes of my daily life - work, relationships, hobbies, etc.” Since beginning work with Jorge, I’m a calmer and happier person.
— N. M., LAN Administrator
At first I was going through traditional therapy but I felt it wasn’t really helping. Jorge challenged me to get in touch with my true feelings, to see connection to my past and to open up my heart to the sadness. It’s been transformative for me.
— E.S., Teacher/Trainer
Jorge is both Healer & Teacher. When I first came to Jorge, I thought he would take away my migraines by some sort of laying on of hands. Jorge taught me that healing is much more than the removal of symptoms, that healing means human growth. Jorge continues to help me move to ever more positive levels of health not previously experienced by me. My migraines have gone, but more importantly, my awareness, my “aliveness” has grown remarkably. I am more healthy physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually than I could have ever imagined.
— S. K., Confidential Secy to State Judge
Working with Jorge has brought a lot into my life. I definitely didn’t expect that working with Jorge would broaden my sense of my human and spiritual potential, or a sense of awe and wonder about who I am and who I can (if I choose) become. Jorge opens up and channels the love, empathy and acceptance that exist in the universe, not just through his table work but also through his interactions.
— V. V., Business Analyst
Jorge has always engaged wherever I am with a comfortable and accepting presence. His healing has and is changing my life. I highly recommend Jorge’s healing practice to anyone who needs his help.
— M. M., Insurance Executive