The Sophianic Healing Session

Note: The aim of every Sophianic Healing session is to help the client tap into his or her own inner wisdom as a source for healing and personal transformation.  The specifics of how this is achieved, however, are unique to each client and to each session and depend on the particular wisdom and guidance revealed at the time of each session.  As such, the following is only a general guideline of the more common elements of a "typical" Sophianic Healing session and should not be construed to be representative of every person's experience.

THe Sophianic Healing office

THe Sophianic Healing office


The Sophianic Healing sessions take place at Jorge's office, which is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan on Fifth Avenue and 31st St. For those clients who cannot travel to the office, Jorge also offers long-distance sessions via Skype or FaceTime.

The sessions consist of two different types of interactions, which can happen both concurrently and/or sequentially -- a "dialogue-and-connection" and an "energy-attunement". Although these two types of interactions appear to be very different forms of engagement, they are in truth two complementary sides of the same coin.

During the dialogue-and-connection, Jorge engages his clients in a dialogue about any issues, questions or concerns (past or present) that the client wants to address from matters of health, to the search for answers or solutions to particular difficulties, to the quest for greater clarity or understanding on specific life issues.  It can also simply be about sharing the latest news in the client’s life.

But the "dialogue" that happens during a Sophianic Healing session is not merely about talking and discussing matters on an intellectual level.

Beyond the information that the client verbally provides, the "dialogue" also includes information that is revealed intuitively and energetically through the client's presence, which is itself a form of guidance that offers a pathway to healing.  Through non-linear processes such as meaningful dialogue and direct transmission, Jorge is then able to use this information to help his clients derive additional insight and higher wisdom about their particular situation. In this way, the dialogue-and-connection becomes a vehicle for greater clarity and understanding. And, by engaging the client on the three levels of human awareness -- conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious -- the dialogue-and-connection is also a powerful catalyst for growth and transformation.

But greater clarity and understanding, while very useful and often satisfying in their own right, cannot alone evoke healing. Healing can only be evoked through the embodiment of the wisdom and insights that are revealed through the dialogue-and connection. And Sophianic Healing accomplishes this embodiment through the energy-attunement. 

The energy-attunement can take place either during the dialogue-and connection or separately (with the client fully clothed and situated on a massage table). The energy-attunement is meant to help the client embody energetically the wisdom revealed during the dialogue-and-connection.  It shifts the client’s energy and focus from a purely conceptual or intellectual understanding to an inner experiential knowing.  

Jorge accomplishes the energy attunement by working with different dimensions of energy and consciousness (e.g. the chakras, the auric field, intentionality, inner essence and the holographic field) to clear, strengthen and balance the client’s energy system and integrate the client’s consciousness more deeply with his or her own inner source of wisdom.

The primary methods through which the energy-attunement is achieved are hands-on energy healing techniques, focused intention and expanded states of being. At times, other methods may also be included such as visualizations, guided meditations, breathing exercises and body movements depending on the needs of the client in the moment. Jorge also uses essential oils as part of the energy-attunement to enhance and support the energy work.


For more information about the Sophianic Healing session or about meaningful dialogue or direct transmission, please see the FAQ page.