• Who is Sophia and what does "Sophianic" mean?
  • Do I have to be a spiritual person or have a particular faith or belief in order for Sophianic Healing to help me?
  • Who can benefit from Sophianic Healing?
  • What types of issues can be addressed through Sophianic Healing?
  • What can I expect from Sophianic Healing?
  • What are meaningful dialogue and direct transmission?
  • How is meaningful dialogue different from the experience of talking in other more traditional therapeutic setting such as psychotherapy?
  • What is a typical Sophianic Healing session like?
  • How long does a Sophianic Healing session last?
  • Do I have to be physically present to do a Sophianic Healing session?
  • How many Sophianic Healing sessions will I need?
  • What will I experience during the energy-attunement?
  • Do I have to take my clothes off during the energy-attunement?
  • Do I have to wear special clothing?

Who is Sophia and what does “Sophianic” mean?

Both "Sophia" and "Sophianic" come from the Greek word σοφια (i.e. “sophia”) meaning wisdom. Sophia is the Divine Wisdom that underlies all true spiritual knowledge and understanding. Sophia is also one of the feminine aspects (or emanations) of the Divine – she is the heart-centered life force and inner intelligence that guides the many processes that collectively form our life experience. "Sophianic" is an adjective form meaning “of or relating to” Divine Wisdom.

Do I have to be a spiritual person or have a particular faith or belief in order for Sophianic Healing to help me?

No.  Sophianic Healing can help you regardless of your personal faith or beliefs. The only thing you need is a true intention to heal.

Who can benefit from Sophianic Healing?

Anyone who is seeking to live a healthier more balanced life or searching for answers to life’s challenges and mysteries can benefit from Sophianic Healing.  Jorge’s clients come from very diverse backgrounds and have come to him seeking help with a wide variety of health and personal issues.

What types of issues can be addressed through Sophianic Healing?

Sophianic Healing can help you create health and well-being in all aspects of your life, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, relational or spiritual.  Through Sophianic Healing, Jorge has successfully worked to promote health and well-being as a complementary adjunct to medical care with respect to a broad array of personal and health concerns from minor to more serious conditions, including:

  • Neck and Back Pain (including from herniated and degenerated discs)
  • Migraines
  • TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Pain
  • Migraines
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Infertility
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cancer Care
  • Drug Detoxification
  • Pre & Post Surgical Care
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Sciatica
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Arthritis
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Depression
  • Relationship Issues including Couples Work
  • Self Realization and Transformation
  • Spiritual Awakening

What can I expect from Sophianic Healing?

People commonly pursue healing because they are seeking relief from a specific pain (whether it be physical or emotional) or from the symptoms of some condition. As a holistic approach to healing, Sophianic Healing offers much more than that because it addresses the whole human being, not just a specific pain or symptom. The focus of Sophianic Healing is to go beyond the surface to reveal the deeper wisdom and understanding needed to heal the root cause of the original pain or symptom.

How this journey of healing unfolds, however, is unique for every person. Therefore, a specific result cannot be guaranteed. Sophianic Healing has enabled most all of Jorge’s clients to experience more clarity, greater understanding and an increased sense of well-being as well as improvement in the symptoms of their condition. Some have also experienced complete relief from their pain or symptoms. So long as you have a true intention to heal, Sophianic Healing will provide you with a uniquely rich and meaningful experience of growth, enlightenment and personal transformation.

What are meaningful dialogue and direct transmission?

These are two different but complementary nonlinear modes of communication that give rise to the intimacy and relatedness through which Sophianic Healing evokes presence and awakens the creative force of inner wisdom. The communications that take place through these processes occur on levels of consciousness that include but also transcend the rational mind.  As such, these levels of consciousness are accessed through states of presence instead of through directed mental activity. This allows for learning that goes beyond the limits of our conceptualizations and judgments.

Meaningful dialogue and direct transmission are grounded in the fundamental understanding that the light of Sophianic wisdom already exists within all of us as an aspect of our true self. Meaningful dialogue and direct transmission aim to awaken consciousness by “speaking” to this true self instead of the ego or “thinker”. They do so, however, from different perspectives.

Meaningful dialogue is a verbal, “question and answer” form of communication that uses a dualistic process of relational inquiry (i.e. the dialogue between subject and object or self and other) to arrive at inner wisdom. In meaningful dialogue, what is asked, when it is asked, how it is phrased and even how it is intonated become meaningful reflections of the wisdom revealed in the moment.  The act of then speaking these questions allows the wisdom contained within them to be communicated to the other by way of both the energetic vibration and the contextual meaning of the spoken words themselves.  Therefore, while words are part of the process of meaningful dialogue, the communication is more about drawing the client into a state of consciousness-filled presence and mutual relationship than it is about the information conveyed by the ordinary meaning of the words.

Direct transmission is a non-dual mode of communication that does not rely on questions or even spoken words as part of its practice. Instead, as its name suggests, it is a direct (or non-linear) communication, i.e. information does not “travel” from one person to another. The process of direct transmission is rooted in the understanding that all of creation is connected through an always present but invisible “holographic field”. By tapping into past, present and future experiences contained within this field, Jorge simultaneously evokes in his clients an awareness of their historical and potential forms of being. When Jorge and the client are joined together in this unitive state, the experience of direct transmission is, from the client’s perspective, akin to remembering something that you did not know you had forgotten.

How is meaningful dialogue different from the experience of talking in other more traditional therapeutic settings such as psychotherapy?

Because humans primarily relate to each other through language, all therapeutic or healing relationships need to include some measure of talking or conversation as part of the process.  Whether it is to tell our story, disseminate or gather information, seek explanations or find clarity, language is the primary medium through which we create relationship and get to know each other.  This is why the dialogue-and-connection portion of the Sophianic Healing session is so important.

The talking that takes place in more traditional therapeutic settings, however, is often rooted in an objective problem-solving approach that consists of talking about perceived problems and then trying to find rational solutions to these problems.  Although such a problem-solving approach is at times useful, it also creates its own obstacles to growth. Since life is at its core an existential mystery, not a problem to be solved, a problem-solving approach is inadequate to address the true nature of life’s 

Meaningful dialogue is different in that it represents a paradigm shift. Although meaningful dialogue contributes to the resolution of problems being discussed, it functions to reveal the inner wisdom of Sophia through the embodiment of mutual presence between Jorge and his clients.

Meaningful dialogue uses language, communication and mutual relatedness to guide you into deeper contact with your true self.   There, you find the inner wisdom that unlocks the higher order of creativity you need to participate in truly original transformations of your life and self. Instead of looking at life’s challenges as a series of problems to be solved, meaningful dialogue helps you to see that all of your conscious experiences, even your problems, are a potential source of wisdom and self-discovery.

What is a typical Sophianic Healing session like?

For a detailed description of a Sophianic Healing session, please see The Sophianic Healing Session page (in the "About Sophianic Healing" section of the website).

How long does a Sophianic Healing session last?

The initial session is 1 hour and 50 minutes. Subsequent sessions are 1 hour and 20 minutes (although prior arrangements can be made for a longer session as necessary).

Do I have to be physically present to do a Sophianic Healing session?

Sophianic Healing sessions are typically conducted in person. However, for clients who are either out-of-town or who cannot otherwise travel to the Sophianic Healing office, Jorge also offers long-distance sessions via Skype or FaceTime.

How many Sophianic Healing sessions will I need?

Healing is a process, not an event.  It unfolds in its own unique way for every person. How long it takes for you to experience relief from the pain or other symptoms of your condition will vary depending on the nature of your health issue and the circumstances surrounding it.  Some symptoms can respond immediately in the first session whereas others (particularly in the case of chronic or protracted illness) can require a longer-term approach.  

Even when there is an immediate shift in the original symptom, it is usually beneficial to continue addressing the condition to promote broader and deeper integration of the work. Therefore, it is generally recommended that new clients commit to a minimum of three sessions, but this is only a guideline.  In fact, it is common for clients to choose to continue doing healing sessions on a regular on-going basis even after experiencing relief from their original symptoms because they find that they get so much from the work.

What will I experience during the energy-attunement?

Because each person is unique, the experience during the energy attunement portion of the session will differ from person to person.  The experience will also be affected by the person’s state of being at the time of the session. Therefore, even for the same person the experience often differs from session to session.  Nonetheless, some of the more commonly reported experiences include: physical sensations such as tingling, heat, cold, deep relaxation; feelings of connection and/or emotional release; mental clarity or greater awareness of mental activity; and the appearance of visual stimuli (in the “mind’s eye”) such as colors, shapes and dreamlike images.

Do I have to take my clothes off during the energy-attunement?

No.  The energy work is done with the client fully clothed.  The only articles of clothing you will be asked to remove are your shoes and socks.

Do I have to wear special clothing?

No, special clothing is not required.  However, it is recommended that to the extent possible you wear natural fibers as these are more supportive of the energy work.  Also, it is highly recommended that women not wear panty hose as they can interfere with the flow of energy in the legs.