Now Is The Time To Manifest Your Vision (Part 2)

 The Sophia of the Moment

Introduction - Manifestation as Problem Solving

The journey to manifesting our dreams is, if nothing else, a journey of overcoming challenges. No matter how inspired, courageous or determined we may be at the start of our journey to manifestation, we inevitably run into various obstacles, difficulties and the "things-that-don't-go-the-way-we-planned." As such, success in manifesting, as with success in life in general, often comes down to our willingness to confront, and stay with, these various challenges until we find (or create) a way to prevail over them. The great Indian spiritual master Paramahansa Yogananda said of this aspect of Earthly existence that “[l]ife is worth nothing if it is not a continuous overcoming of problems.”

And just as there are activities that are supported and enhanced by a particular kind of weather — e.g. the warm, dry summer day that makes the chore of setting up for a garden party a pleasure or the rain that ensures that the farmer's laboring in the field bears fruit —invoking the Mother's presence when carrying out our manifesting activities can have a profound effect on our ability to overcome the inevitable problems and challenges of manifestation by making our efforts more joyful, more productive and ultimately more effortless!

The Gifts of the Divine Mother

The wisdom revealed to me has shown that the gifts of the Divine Mother that are more available to us at this time to assist us in our manifestation efforts are coming to us in two forms, each with its own purpose and each one working through one of the two main faculties of human consciousness - mind (reasoning) and heart (feeling).

The first of these is wisdom, which works through the mind to illuminate and help us construct a path to creative success. The other is nurturance (as love), which works through the affective qualities of the heart to inspire and encourage us. Let’s take a closer look at how wisdom and nurturance can support us in our efforts to manifest our vision.

The Gift of Wisdom - The Divine Mother As Teacher

Often, our first instinct when tackling a problem is not to invoke Divine guidance but rather to try and reason our way to a solution through or own individual efforts. Step by step we apply the linear logic of deductive reasoning to determine the impact of various causes and their effects as well as the pros and cons of our imagined solutions hoping that, through trial and error, we’ll reach our goal. And sometimes, this can be adequate enough for the problem at hand.

Yet the inherent linearity of logic means that as a problem-solving tool, reason is also inherently limited. Reason (and logic) see the world through the filter of the past — they can only deduce what to do next (i.e. how to solve a problem) by referring to what has come before. So, by helping us draw a line from past to future, reason and logic can give our quest to meet life’s challenges momentum and direction. But because their perspective is, by necessity, rooted in the past, they cannot offer us the paradigm shifting solutions (the “Aha" moments”) that can only come from deep contact with the pure potential of the present moment. And this is exactly what the Mother’s presence, manifesting as wisdom, offers us.

Unlike logic and reason, wisdom only operates in the present moment. It comes to us not in a line or sequence but in extemporaneous flashes of intuitive insight through a non-linear process of thoughtful observation and focused awareness of our present moment experiences. And so when we find ourselves engaged in the process of "continuously overcoming problems,” the wisdom of the Mother can take us far beyond what reason alone can offer us. Wisdom offers us truly innovative solutions to our life challenges because, unlike reason, it is not bound to what has come before.

Wisdom is what frees our mentality from the limitations of time and space and elevates it from mere logic to the higher dimensions of meaning, relatedness and deep understanding. Through this synergistic marriage of lower level reasoning with higher level wisdom, we are then able to achieve the deep insight and understanding that helps us tackle life’s problems and hurdles and find our way through them.

To understand the significance of this when manifesting, consider the following. Through reason we can employ our mental faculties to understand the facts and circumstances (i.e. the form and boundaries) of a particular problem. But only wisdom can give us the perspective and insight to make the leaps that allow us to grasp and work through the more human and relational dimensions of that problem — e.g. the emotional intelligence that allows us to remain fully present in the face of difficult or uncomfortable feelings that would otherwise scare us into passivity and stagnation; the compassionate embracing and holistic resolution of the conflicts that inevitably arise through our relationship to the problem and its circumstances; the ability to craft solutions that go beyond a superficial awareness of the problem and are instead rooted ion a deep, intuitive understanding of its very nature. Only wisdom can give us that.

If reason and logic are the wings that potentially allow us to fly, wisdom is the rush of air that sends us soaring. Every measure of wisdom that we gain helps us to make better, more informed and more conscious decisions about how to transcend whatever challenges or obstacles karma and nature put in our way and create the life we desire.

The Gift of Nurturance - The Divine Mother As Soother

As we’ve seen, the gift of wisdom — with its ability to reveal to us how to work through life’s inevitable challenges — is an important part of bringing our vision into manifestation.

But wisdom ultimately is not enough to manifest our vision.

Even with all its revelations, wisdom can only point the way. In order to successfully manifest our vision, we also need to engage our will and take action in the world, i.e. we have to move our consciousness out from the internal realm of ideas and thinking and into the outer world of the physically manifest so that we can engage with the people, places, objects and locations that together provide us the space, assistance and raw materials that allow us to create.

This shift from inner to outer is often the most difficult aspect of bringing our dreams to fruition. Compared to the apparent “safety” of keeping our dreams and visions hidden inside, the vulnerability of revealing ourselves to the world (which potentially opens us up to scrutiny, criticism and judgment) can seem like a very bitter pill to swallow. In fact, many times, it is not the absence of ideas or knowledge about how to manifest our vision that keeps us from achieving success. Rather, it is the fear of taking those first steps towards revealing ourselves that keeps us stagnant and immobile.

This is where the Divine Mother's presence, in the form of nurturance, can be a powerful ally.

Anyone who has ever received a kind word or a comforting embrace from a loved one — or sometimes even from a stranger — in such moments of fear knows the positive impact that such gestures can have on our ability to work through those fears. When we are afraid, nothing else soothes us as powerfully as love’s embrace. Love is what instills confidence and a belief in our ability to succeed particularly when life’s problems have knocked us down.

Like the young child that is gently coaxed from fearful withdrawal to confident engagement by the mother’s reassuring voice and nurturing touch, adults also need such TLC  to calm the self-defeating behaviors of our own “inner child" when we come up against the challenges of manifesting. And the Divine Mother is our omniscient, ever-present source for such TLC.

When we learn to consciously align with the Divine Mother, her nurturance — which comes to us through feelings of kindness, warmth and all-embracing love — acts as both a salve for our fears and discomfort as well as an inspiration to help us stay the course and keep us moving towards our goal of creative manifestation.

To be continued…

In Part 3 of this article, we will explore how we access the Divine Mother’s wisdom and nurturance and why we are actually meant to engage the Divine Mother’s help (hint: it is an important and necessary aspect of our personal growth).