Introduction To The Sophia Of The Moment

The Sophia of the Moment is a new column that I will be writing from time to time about the wisdom revealed to me at particular moments in time through my personal spiritual work as well as my healing work with my clients. In it I will explore what the particular sophia (i.e. wisdom) of the moment is, what it means and what this revealed wisdom can offer us in terms of guidance and support for how we live our lives.

The inspiration for writing The Sophia of the Moment came directly out of my work with my clients. In all the years I have worked as a healing practitioner, one of the most helpful insights that has come to me through my healing work is the awareness that any given time, despite the very different facts and circumstances of each person's life, there is always a common theme or thread that simultaneously runs through all of our lives unifying all these seemingly disparate life experiences.

There are many different ways of understanding what these common themes mean for us. We could describe these common themes astrologically as reflections of the alignments and movements of the celestial bodies. Or we could look at them from a karmic perspective as reflections of the communal karma (i.e. familial, national, planetary, etc.) that we share with others.

But regardless of the language we use to understand this wisdom of the moment, what makes these patterns truly amazing and ultimately very valuable to our journeys of personal growth is the evidentiary value that they carry in terms of revealing the unitive nature of reality. If each of our individual lives represents a kind of "micro-reality", then what these emergent common themes show us is that we truly are all living out a larger, unified reality (the "macro-reality) and that our individual micro-realities are merely different perspectives from which we view (or experience) this macro-reality.

And the awareness of these patterns and common themes can have extraordinary benefits for our personal growth.

By revealing the deeper patterns of life that are a part of all of us, the wisdom of the moment allows us to better understand our own individual experiences. This is particularly true when our individual experiences do not seem to be connected to anything else going on in our lives.

Also, by offering us a higher "bird's eye-view" of our reality, the wisdom of the moment also helps bring perspective to our lives. It reveals to us the unity and harmony within all of life when life might otherwise seem like nothing more than a cacophony of unrelated conflicts and antagonisms.

But perhaps the most powerful impact that the wisdom of the moment can have is in helping us feel less alone in life by showing us that whatever experience we are personally going through, no matter how difficult, we are all in the same boat, i.e. it is not just happening to me. This awareness alone can, in and of itself, be just what we need to pick ourselves up when life has knocked us down so that we can continue on our journey.

I have personally benefitted tremendously from the wisdom of the moment in my own life, particularly during those times when the dark clouds gather. It's during those times that I find myself paying too much attention to the distorted voices in my mind and I begin to lose hope. But then, somewhere along the line, my awareness that it's not just me weathering my own storm breaks through. And somehow, knowing that we are all going through the same storm together (albeit in our own ways) becomes its own kind of comfort and salve.

So my hope is that through The Sophia of the Moment column I can also share the gifts of this wisdom with you. And that it may, in some way, also be a salve and comfort to you on your life journey.