Sophianic Healing® is a deeply transformative process for healing and personal transformation developed by J. Jorge Barrieu.  It is based on the fundamental understanding that within all of us there is an already existing source of wisdom that is the foundation of all healing. Through Sophianic Healing, you tap into and cultivate this inner wisdom to unlock your deepest potential.

The process of Sophianic Healing is a synthesis of Jorge’s skills as an intuitive and empathic healer together with psychological knowledge, spiritual practices and hands-on energy healing techniques. Through Sophianic Healing, Jorge gently guides you into experiences of present moment awareness and expanded consciousness that allow you to navigate the limitations of your resistance and discover the wisdom within.

Sophianic Healing is a powerful and effective method not only to create healing on all levels of your being (whether it be physical, emotional, mental, relational or spiritual) but also to create the fulfilling and satisfying life you desire.
Through Sophianic Healing, you can:

  • Create emotional balance and a sense of well-being
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Promote the physical healing of many disease conditions
  • Increase mental clarity and strengthen your mental capacity
  • Become more centered by embodying states of presence
  • Harness the power of your own creative force
  • Cultivate deeper connection with inner wisdom and guidance
  • Live with greater awareness and intention to fulfill your goals
  • Experience enlightened states of consciousness
  • Create better and more satisfying relationships
  • Enhance your spiritual growth
"My work with Jorge
is a profound journey
of learning - not only
about myself, but
about all the complex
richness of being alive, of experiencing Life."

- Client testimonial

J. Jorge Barrieu